My Style

In my own words, I would describe my style as ‘Reportage Wedding Photography’. This means I will capture the events of the day as they unfold in a very natural and unobtrusive fashion. I believe that posed wedding photos only tell part of the story, and that the true spirit of your relationship will be shown in the quieter and less-expected moments too.

I aim to capture this at any occasion you are happy for me to, from the time the bride is getting ready to when Dad decides it’s time to show the guests his latest dance moves. I will, of course, take plenty of the photos every wedding needs – the bride and groom, the closest family and friends, the exchanging of vows etc., but I always aim to bring something special too.

This attention to detail and eye for subtlety is what separates my approach from many wedding photographers out there, and it is what has led to so many happy couples receiving the wedding album of their dreams.

This wedding is about you, and as a photographer I respect that my presence should not interfere with the flow of the day or your guests’ enjoyment of it. I will therefore be present, taking advantage of photo opportunities and being available for any requests that may be made, but I will be discreet and not impose on any individual or situation to allow you to focus on what is most important – enjoying the day!

This natural and vibrant approach to catching those moments of joy with your nearest and dearest friends and family is what I excel in, so if you feel my style would suit your special day then please do get in touch.